Reduced Delay

As consumers demand a more responsive online experience the latency (or delay) on their IP service provider’s routing connections is an important factor. By connecting the customer directly to A.IX, the number of hops between the customer and customers is reduced, leading to higher-speed.

Better routing

ISPs, content providers and others delivering services over IP who exchange traffic within a given region by peering with each other reduce round-trip delays and enhance value to all users local to that region. Typically, a provider sourcing content can benefit by peering with those providers servicing a material proportion of their customer community.

Greater resilience

Organisations connecting to the Internet via a single upstream transit provider are at risk from that single provider, and the connection to it, being a single point of failure. By connecting to A.IX, while the Member will still need to buy connectivity from one or more transit providers in order to reach those parts of the Internet not reachable via peering.

Advanced Internet eXchange is Lebanon’s leading IX and FIRST Neutral IX!

We invite all ISPs, DSPs, Universities, and established Companies to become members at A.IX.

Any company that has AS number and BGP is eligible for membership.

+961 79 100 328
+96179 100 329
Lebanon - Beirut - Sin El Fil
Daoud Aamoun Street
Qubic Center - 13th Floor
Email :


Type 1
Full Voting Members
  • ISPs, DSPs, Mobile Operators, Telcos, Universities, Government Agencies, Service & content providers, ICT companies, Banks, etc.

  • Full Members can be part of the Management Committee.

  • Full Members are Paying/Contributing members that connect & peer at A.IX via licensed DSPs. DSPs should be members at A.IX

Type 2
Honorary Non-Voting Members
  • Honorary membership for natural persons, companies, associations or organizations, which have taken an active part in the development of, or made an important contribution to A.IX or to the Internet in Lebanon at large government, TRA, Civil Society, NGOs, ISOC Lebanon, etc.

  • Honorary Members are Non-paying members, with no obligation to connect & peer at A.IX



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