Who we are

Advanced IX S.A.L.
Lebanon’s Neutral IX

  • Advanced Internet eXchange is the only NEUTRAL IX in Lebanon.
  • A.IX is not dominated by largest ISPs in town.
  • A.IX membership is open to any company that has AS number and BGP.
  • A.IX will be owned by selected members ISPs, DSPs, Universities, and established Companies
  • Members should be connected to A.IX via a licensed DSP.
  • A.IX offers Peering and CDN Caching services.
  • A.IX operates on a cost-basis, and is transparent to all members in the manner it charges fees.

Our Mission

  • A.IX hosts SpeedTest servers to become the reference for connectivity speed results for members’ EUs.
  • A.IX is a formal company: Advanced IX S.A.L
  • Types of Members:
    1. Full Voting Members
    2. Honorary Non-Voting Members
  • A.IX has established strategic relationships with international IXs (EuroIX and INEX)
  • A.IX will partner with major universities and NGOs.

A.IX Eco System

Whether shareholders or simple members have: AS number provided by RIPE Operate BGP
Will consist of 3-5 board members, elected by General Assembly. Board of Directors will appoint A.IX Management Committee
Will consist of between 5 and 9 Committee Members. Each member has 1 vote, regardless of size
Will manage the day-to-day activities of A.IX
Located at Qubic Center, 13th Floor