Our Prices

Service Description ISPs, MOs, Other Educational
Peering Peering Service FREE FREE
One-time Membership
$1,000 FREE
Collocation Rack Space 8 U and Switch Port $3,600 / year or $360 / month 50% Discounted
Switch Port $1,800 / year or $180 / month FREE
Local Loop Rooftop Antenna –
size 30, 60, 90 cm
$250 / month
Rooftop Antenna –
size 120 cm or more
$500 / month
CDN Services
One-time Configuration $1,000 FREE
One-time SFP Port Hardware $150
*CDN – Google At Cost / Mbps
*CDN – Facebook At Cost / Mbps
*CDN – Akamai At Cost / Mbps
*CDN – Local TV Streaming FREE FREE
Technical Fees (per Mbps) $1 FREE
Management Fees (per Mbps) $0,75 FREE
* All commit to their needed capacity by the 15th of each month, to be applied for the coming month
All has to connect to A.IX via licensed DSP. All may select the DSP of their choice. Payment to DSP is outside the scope of A.IX
DSPs pay a monthly fee to Qubic Building for the collocation of their Antenna. Cedarcom offers EDUs up to 10 Mbps free of charge.