How an IXP works ?

  • The IXP Core is an Ethernet switch (1 & 10 Gig Ethernet)
  • Peering is done at L2 level
  • ISP may host a router at the IXP location (at a cost)
  • Each participant needs to run BGP
  • Each participant needs their own AS number

IXP location

  • The location of the IXP is very important.
  • The IXP location is neutral and low cost.
  • The following facilities are available
    • Space
    • Power
    • Environmental Control
    • Cabling
    • Security
    • Support
    • Access to terrestrial Infrastructure

IXP Security

  • BGP is established between member A and member B exclusively, A.IX will not take part of the routing connection
  • Both members will apply filters for inbound/outbound routes
  • A.IX Switches operate based on L2 only
  • A.IX will not contribute in any routing process
  • A.IX will be totally transparent for any traffic passing through
  • A.IX will install ISE, members will have access to audit the configuration
  • DDOS mitigation will be applied on the transit internet provided to any CDN